Success Stories

Here’s some of the great feedback we’ve received from the amazing and hard working people we are lucky enough to work with!


  • I have partnered with Ryan and Paramount Fitness for almost a year now and we have achieved some amazing results. We started my journey with initial goal setting and a reasonable timeline to achieve results. I was able to reach my initial fitness and weight goals within 6 months and we have since proceeded to set new goals. Working out in one of Ryan’s small groups or personal one on one sessions are both comfortable and challenging environments. I appreciate the education that Ryan is able to provide me on a daily basis. Ryan’s knowledge from his MSc in Kinesiology can be quickly realized vs. working with an ‘online Google educated trainer’. I highly recommend Ryan and Paramount Fitness.           -Brett P


  • For anyone considering training with Ryan, good choice. I started my journey with him 3 years ago when I was a middle aged woman who had been sedentary too long. The problem was I liked sedentary. In short order Ryan had me doing all sorts of exercises that I would never in a million years dreamed I’d agree to perform. And the results have been excellent. I had my hip replaced in January of 2013. I’d been away from training for 7 months following my surgery. Nonetheless, within 3-4 months I was back to where I’d been before surgery. So, if you’re thinking about choosing Ryan and Paramount Fitness as your trainer, go with your instinct.             -Catherine F


  • I know first hand what Paramount Fitness and Ryan can help people achieve. He got my stubborn butt on a treadmill 4 years ago! Forever grateful!             -Katrina G


  • Ryan and I have been working together for almost 5 years . He is also a close friend and confidant; he always seems to know what I need on any given day for a workout. From flexibility, and through diet and strength training, the workouts are varied, informative and fun. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone considering hiring a personal trainer to fulfill their fitness requirements.                 -Doug C


  • Creative and motivating workouts. Ryan’s knowledge of physiology and anatomy provide a great workout without fear of injury. He pushes me further than I ever thought I could go! Great post-workout flexibility as well.              -Brenda C


  • I began working with Ryan a year ago completely out of shape and overweight. I have found Ryan encourages you to keep pushing when needed, finds alternative ways to do an exercise when personal limitations are stopping progression, and somehow has managed to make me enjoy getting up to be at the gym by 6am. I still have a long way to go but feel that I have made a lot of progress in regaining strength and have lost some pounds. I am very positive that I can continue to improve through his coaching.             -Juliette P

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