Online Training


We’re Taking It Online!

Because it’s not always possible to work one on one with a trainer we’ve done our very best to bring this experience to you wherever you are. Through our experience we feel that knowing WHAT to do is perhaps the most important key to success. Not only does it take the thinking out of it for you, but it optimizes the results you’ll achieve by having a workout tailored just for you.

We’ve created WWW.YOUROWNWORKOUT.COM just for you! Here’s how it works:

  1. Take 5 minutes to create your very specific and personalized profile with goals, injuries and all that fun stuff.
  2. We receive your info and start creating your exercise plan.
  3. Each Sunday night we send you your exercise program for the week based on the specifics you told us you wanted. The program tells you what exercises to do, on what days, how many reps of each, gives you demo videos for all the exercises, gives you specific cardio workouts and allows you to record all your results after.
  4. We keep sending you workouts every week that continue to change and evolve with. Change your goals at any time and we change your program!

We take designing your exercise plan very seriously and put everything into it that you would need including:

  • specific goals
  • injury management system
  • frequency flexibility
  • equipment flexibility
  • travel workouts
  • much, much more!

Click Below For Information and To Begin Your Journey!