Corporate Fitness

Mammoth Fitness Systems


Businessman Arriving At Gym After Work

To address the growing need for corporate fitness and wellness programs, Paramount Fitness & Consulting is proud to offer Mammoth Fitness Systems. Mammoth is a web-based fitness resource that provides everything necessary for an employee to adopt a fitness routine and healthy lifestyle. Mammoth includes goal setting, individual program design, results tracking, progress reporting, a comprehensive injury management system, video exercise demonstration library, photo gallery, a vacation workout feature and more. We provide employees with all the information, demonstrations and tracking systems necessary to meet their health and fitness needs.

At the fitness club

Mammoth is a 100% user managed system, which mean no work is required by the employer or their HR department to run and monitor the system. There are no claims and no tracking whatsoever. Anything the user needs can be found or handled through their personal account. It couldn’t be easier for an employer.

Mammoth rates vary according to needs, level of service and company size. Please visit for additional information and pricing, contact or call 403-606-0093 to speak with a corporate accounts manager.

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