Is this your year??!!

It’s that time of year again (not that any day isn’t a good day to start) and we’d love to help you achieve your health goals for 2019.We have some prime spots for individual, pairs or small group training.

Come try some workouts for free or let’s sit down and chat about your fitness goals.

We have a variety of spots with room for singles, pairs and small groups including:

MWF @ 6am – 1pm **some afternoon and evening spots potentially too

T/TH @ 9am-1pm and 6pm

Email Ryan at, call us at 403-606-0093 or contacts us here if you want to get in touch with us!! It’s always FREE to get started.


Another great off-season in the books!

They worked harder, ate way smarter, put in more aerobic, anaerobic, agility and speed work than ever before and it paid off big time! The boys are leaner, stronger, fitter and say they feel great and are dominating in camp. Everything that we want to hear heading into the season. Thanks for all your hard work and see you next year. Contact us if you have off-season (or in season) needs that we can help you meet. 

It’s just about that time of year again!

As many sports move into the second half of their seasons it reminds us that offseason training is right around the corner. We offer conditioning programs for a number of sports emphasising small groups and individualized programs based on the needs of the athlete and the demands of their sport.

Three and 4 day a week options are available with groups having a maximum of 6 athletes. Pre, during and post program testing is included as well as nutritional guidance throughout the offseason.

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Meal Plans from Fit Kitchen

If you haven’t been to the offspring of The Main Dish restaurant in Brideland yet I highly recommend that you give it a try. They have huge fridges full of healthy meals and snacks that are premade to help give you healthy options throughout your busy day. The food tastes fantastic and is much better for you than other quick meal options.

The Fit Kitchen also has a meal plan program, and this is where we come in. We are in the process of hashing out the details to make meal plans an option for Paramount Fitness clients (or people just looking to eat healthier). Meal details and prices will be coming soon, but in the meantime we want to know who’s interested. Let us know at


A Little Twist in the Standard Squat Toss. Makes it More Fun Don’t You Think?

Instead of a traditional squat try a concentric version coming out of a seated position. Definitely gives it a new feel. Oh, and follow us on Twitter @trythisworkout to try some of our workouts.


Solo Sport Systems Now Training at Ascension Fitness

If you’re an endurance athlete looking to improve your performance then you’re in luck. Solo offers a wide range of testing, programing, strength, spin and recovery classes, as well as a great community of people who like you are serious about your performance. Visit for more information or contact us and we’ll put you in touch!

Jason and the gang at The Main Dish have worked their magic again. Body Blast meals are delicious!


Interested in a Body Blast for you and your Friends?

Whether you have a big event coming up or just want to kick it into high gear for a week we can help. Our body blast program consists of 9 workouts in 5 days, morning and night, to get you moving and give your butt a bit of a kicking. Email us at for details or to sign up a group.

 June 9th Session in the Books.

The week wrapped up by getting a few of the frustrations out with a good martial arts session with Conrad Corbiere. It was a good change of pace after 8 workouts of pushing and pulling things, running and jumping and some yoga. Everyone did great all week and there were even some people that said they were feeling ‘really good’ towards the end of the week. Big thanks to all who participated and helped coach.

Our next session will run at the start of September so make sure you visit the Body Blast section to register.

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  1. Hello there. My name is Gurneil and I’ve heard great things about you guys from friends and I want a fresh start in all regards as currently my diet is nonexistent and and my physic leaves a lot to be desired. I was just wondering how much u guys charge for your sessions and if possible could I come in to speak with someone regarding the best options for myself. Thank you.

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